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Qream Chronicles Podcast

May 28, 2017

We are back with another Qreamy Happy Hour!! 

During the Sunny Spot, @fromSunnyWithLove speaks to a new study from Emory University that says men who purchase more expensive rings increase their chance of divorce.

And you can tell that @jagDaddy was on that HennDawg before the show lol.  

We also talk about Lavar Ball,...

May 22, 2017

It has been a busy few weeks and we are back!  The crew gives a recap of Mother's Day and Howard University Graduation Weekend.  @Mr20p introduces controversial book on women purposely allowing advocating for their men to have side babes in order to have a healthy relationship.

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May 8, 2017

When do I smash and dash or do I spend the night?Religion and relationships...How or should I conduct that good ol' pillow talking?  These are all interesting topics that we got from Lil Dicky's new song/video, Pillow Talk.

Shout out to our Qreammates of the week:

@RussellDrake a solid candidate for First Vice President...

May 2, 2017

@FromSunnyWithLove has tough convo with a friend. @Mr20p and @jagdaddy discuss the pick up lines and other tough conversations!

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